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Bail Reviews in Maryland. Part 3: What can bond be lowered to?

The most typical bond setup involves the following: judge or commissioner sets a nominal bond, defendant or family can pay the court the full amount or post property as collateral. A lot of defendants use a bail bondsmen–the bondsmen in Prince George’s County typically allow someone to post 10% of the total sum of the […]

Bail Reviews in Maryland. Part 2: Factors that determine a bond amount

When setting or reviewing a bond, the judge looks at only two things: 1) is the defendant a danger to society and 2) is the defendant a flight risk? The judge will always look at a defendant’s prior criminal history and background because it can indicate whether the defendant is a danger to others. If […]

Bail Reviews in Maryland. Part 1: When is a bail review hearing held?

When a family member or friend is arrested in Maryland and held on a bond, it can be a stressful and trying time for that person and their loved ones for many reasons. You may be thinking that you have try to get them out as soon as possible. Maybe the bond is too high […]

Preliminary Hearings in Maryland

Preliminary Hearings in Maryland occur in felony cases and exist to determine whether the prosecution has enough evidence to proceed with the case as a felony. Basically, the purpose of the hearing is for the judge to look at the evidence and decide whether there is probable cause that the alleged criminal offense occurred. A […]