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Maryland’s Marital Privilege: A person can refuse to testify against his or her spouse

As a criminal defense attorney, I see a lot of defendants come through the door who have been charged with second degree assault, or worse, where the complainant (or victim) is the spouse. Often these defendants come to the office with their spouse and a common explanation–they got into a fight, things got physical, but […]

What’s the difference between First Degree Assault and Second Degree Assault in Maryland?

Assault in Maryland is defined as the offensive touching or attempted touching of another person without consent, or placing that person in immediate fear of an intentional touching against their consent. It can be even the slightest of conduct, i.e. a push or shove, and usually comes from a verbal altercation that escalates to physical […]

What is a Maryland “attempt” crime and how is that different from a “conspiracy” crime?

Understanding attempted crimes and conspiracy crimes can be difficult because they both fall under the category of incomplete, or inchoate, crimes. In both cases the defendant is being charged even though the underlying crime may not have been successfully carried out. Maryland Attempt Crimes In Maryland, a defendant can be charged with an attempt to […]

Overloaded Public Defense Systems Result in More Prison Time, Less Justice

A recent report published by the Justice Policy Institute looks at public defender’s offices across the U.S. and finds that their offices are overwhelmed and overburdened with cases. According to the study, 73% of county-based public defender’s offices lacked the number of attorneys to handle the volume of cases they should be handling under national […]