I received a Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) in my Maryland case, and need an expungement right now! Do I have to wait three years?

Not necessarily! Although technically you have to wait three years before being eligible to expunge a PBJ, there is a “good cause” exception. If a defendant can demonstrate a good cause reason for an early expungement, the Court has the discretion to grant an expungement before three years have elapsed. A few examples are if the PBJ causes a defendant harm in seeking housing, employment, or education. It’s important to have some documented evidence that can show how the PBJ is negatively affecting the defendant’s life and how an expungement will help.

If you have a PBJ in Maryland and want to get it expunged, contact the Law Offices of Christopher L. Peretti at 301-875-3472 today for a free consultation. Our office can go through the details of your case and let you know if you already qualify for an expungement, or if you may be a good candidate for an early good cause expungement.

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