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Burglary in Maryland – What if the Intent to Commit a Theft was Formed After Breaking and Entering?

Here’s a hypothetical situation that actually comes up with some frequency. Let’s say someone “breaks” into a house or business, without permission. That person is going in there to seek shelter from the elements or for a place to sleep. At some point after breaking in, the person decides to take something. Is this a […]

Trespassing Laws in Maryland

The Crime of Trespass Trespassing is defined as the entering of another’s land without the owner’s permission. In Maryland, trespassing is a misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of ninety (90) days and/or a fine of $500. The two most common forms of trespass crimes in Maryland are posted property trespass and private property trespass. […]

I Missed my Maryland Court Date, and now I have a Bench Warrant! Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Yes, an attorney can help you immensely in this situation. In addition to providing you with representation on your criminal or traffic case, an attorney can possibly get the warrant removed or otherwise improve the situation so that you do not spend time in jail prior to getting a new court date. What is a […]

The Police Officer Says He Smelled Marijuana in My Car. In Maryland, is He Allowed to Search the Vehicle?

Probable Cause Standard for a Vehicle Search Let’s say you were just pulled over by the police. The officer claims that you committed a traffic infraction such as speeding, running a stop sign, or because a tail light is out. Presuming that you did commit the traffic infraction and the officer witnessed it, he is […]

What to do after the Police Seize Cash during a Drug Arrest in Maryland

You should always consult with a lawyer first. The amount of money that was seized and the circumstances surrounding the seizure are going to dictate how you want to proceed, and an experienced criminal defense and forfeiture defense attorney can advise you on the proper steps to take when this unfortunate situation arises. Below is […]

Maryland Asset Forfeiture Law in Drug Cases

The police seized my money/vehicle/property, can I get it back? This situation happens all too often with drug possession and distribution cases. The police arrest someone for a drug offense and happen to find cash in their possession or in their home or vehicle. The police claim the money was used in furtherance of the […]

Three Key Differences between Protective Orders and Peace Orders in Maryland

Protective and Peace orders are similar in that they both are judicial orders that can be put in place preventing an abused from further contact with a victim. How do you know if your situation involves a protective order or a peace order, and what are the differences between them? Here are the three primary […]

An Introduction to Maryland Protective and Peace Orders

Protective and Peace Orders In Maryland, a protective order or peace order is a civil order by a Judge preventing one person from abusing another person. The order typically involves the abuser staying away from the victim and/or refraining from contact with the victim. In order to grant a protective/peace order the victim must show […]