An Introduction to Maryland Protective and Peace Orders

Protective and Peace Orders
In Maryland, a protective order or peace order is a civil order by a Judge preventing one person from abusing another person. The order typically involves the abuser staying away from the victim and/or refraining from contact with the victim.

In order to grant a protective/peace order the victim must show by a preponderance of evidence that the respondent committed an act of abuse such as an assault of any kind, sexual offense, criminal stalking, or false imprisonment. Additionally, a peace order can be obtained under the grounds of criminal harassment, malicious destruction of property, or criminal trespassing.

These orders are civil in nature, not criminal. They may be filed in addition to or in lieu of criminal charges. If a protective/peace order is put in place against a respondent, by law that person cannot be placed in jail and it is not a criminal conviction.

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