Change Your Maryland Guilty Conviction to a Probation Before Judgment (PBJ)

Your case is now over–you were either found guilty after trial or pled guilty–and the judge entered a guilty conviction against you. You would have rather had a probation before judgment (PBJ) since that is not a conviction and can be expunged off your record, unlike this guilty conviction. Is it now possible to convert this guilty conviction to a probation before judgment?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. If you were just recently convicted, you still may have time to either appeal your case or file a motion for reconsideration. Either of those are potential routes to getting your guilty conviction changed to a PBJ.

If you are a first time offender there is usually an obvious reason the judge did not give you a PBJ. Maybe the judge wanted to wait and see how you did on probation. Maybe there is still outstanding restitution that needs to be paid, classes or community service that needs to be completed, or you (or your attorney) did not properly present some crucial mitigation on your behalf during sentencing.

Whatever the situation, our office can diagnose your situation and help come up with a plan of action to increase your likelihood of getting that PBJ. Sometimes that means we will have to appeal the case and put up a fight, but it might be as simple as filing a motion for reconsideration and presenting you in a better light in front of the judge. Contact our office today at 301-875-3472 and tell us about your case. We have successfully helped many clients convert their guilty convictions to PBJs and can possibly help you out too.

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