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I-Was-Not-Driving Defense for Maryland DUI/DWIs – Not Being in Actual Physical Control of a Vehicle

The Definition of Driving in Maryland in Regards to a DUI/DWI As happens in cases where a person is found asleep or passed out behind the wheel of a car but later charged with a DUI or DWI, the accused may have a defense that they simply were not driving the vehicle. It is not […]

Can a Person Who is Asleep in a Car in Maryland be Charged with DUI or DWI?

Help! I was just asleep in my car after a night of drinking and am now facing DUI/DWI charges! Just because someone is asleep in a parked car does not mean they cannot be arrested for a DUI/DWI. In Maryland this happens more often than you might think. For instance, an officer comes across a […]

Five Facts about the Stet Docket in Maryland

What happens to a case that is stet? What is the “Stet docket” in Maryland? What does the word “stet” even mean? These are questions defense attorneys hear often from clients in regards to their criminal or traffic cases. It’s a word and concept that is fairly unique to criminal and traffic cases. Sometimes a […]

What is Obstructing or Hindering an Officer in Maryland?

In Maryland it is a crime to obstruct or hinder a police officer from conducting an investigation. Obstructing and hindering is a common law crime and a misdemeanor in Maryland. It carries a maximum of three (3) years incarceration and/or a $3,000 fine. Elements of Obstructing/Hindering This offense in Maryland is a common law crime, […]