Speeding 30 MPH Over the Limit in DC

Speed Greater than 30 Over the Speed Limit in Washington, DC

Within the DC limits, believe it or not, it is a criminal misdemeanor to drive more than 30 mph over the speed limit. This is somewhat similar to the crime of reckless driving in Virginia, where simply driving over 20 mph over the limit can lead to a criminal charge, conviction, or jail time. In Maryland, driving over the speed limit alone–no matter the speed–cannot lead to a criminal charge or any jail time.

Penalty for Speed Over 30 MPH Over the Limit

This is a criminal misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of three (3) months in jail and/or a $300 fine. A conviction also carries 5 points on a DC driver’s license with the DMV.

Defenses for Speeding and Diversion Program
If you are charged with speeding 30+ mph over the limit, you may be able to challenge your case based on the officer’s traffic stop. There may be a number of issues with the speed detection, depending on what method the officer used to determine your speed. If the officer used radar you may be able to challenge the calibration and maintenance of the speed detection device.

In addition to any defenses, an experienced traffic and criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate a diversion program with the government for this traffic offense. If the driver is eligible, the diversion program for a Speeding 30+ mph usually entails the driver complete a traffic school, pay a small fine, complete a number of community service hours, and remain free from any moving violations for a period of time. If the driver satisfactorily completes all the conditions of the diversion program, the charges are then dropped and the driver avoids a conviction on their record and points on their license.

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