When Is It Illegal to Search a Student’s Locker in Maryland?

When a student is searched at school by school authorities, sometimes different search and seizure rules apply than if the child was not on school property. School officials can legally search a student’s locker if the search is justified. Maryland law (section 7-308 of the Maryland Education Article) permits reasonable searches of students based on a reasonable suspicion.

Reasonableness of Search
The search would likely be considered reasonable if the school official receives a tip or sees something that leads him to believe that a student has alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or weapons. If the school official believes a student has an item whose possession would create a criminal offense, he can conduct a reasonable search. A court will consider the age and gender of the student, and the nature of the suspicion to decide whether the search was excessively intrusive.

Expectation of Privacy
A school locker is not a student’s property like a backpack or purse is, and so the school has more flexibility to search it. A student has no expectation of privacy in a locker that is temporarily assigned to him or her. However, the right of the school to search the lockers must be announced or published previously in the school. A common place for a school to publish this right is in the Student/Parent Handbook.

So, a locker search could be illegal if school officials have not followed certain rules. A court might find such a search to be a violation of a student’s 4th Amendment rights if it is not based on a reasonable suspicion, if it is excessively intrusive, or if the school has failed to announce or publish the right to search lockers.

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