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What is an Expungement vs. Nolle Prosequi vs. Stet?

In Maryland, a criminal case can be closed either through a Nolle Prosequi or a Stet. What are the differences of those two? And what is an expungement? When does that take place? Expungement An expungement is the deletion and removal of all court and police records related to a defendant’s charges and case. This […]

Potential Pitfalls in an Application for Maryland Handgun Permit

“Providing False or Misleading Information May Lead To Your Arrest” “FALSE INFORMATION WILL BE SUFFICIENT GROUNDS FOR DENIAL OF THE APPLICATION AND/OR CRIMINAL PROSECUTION WHICH CARRIES A PENALTY OF IMPRISONMENT NOT TO EXCEED 1 YEAR AND/OR $1000 FINE.” “Warning: Any person who willingly makes false statements on this application is guilty of a misdemeanor.” These […]

Six Defenses for a Wear/Carry Handgun Charge in Maryland

In Maryland, to wear, carry or transport a handgun is a criminal misdemeanor under Criminal Law Section 4-203. A conviction can result in ineligibility to own a gun, a criminal record, or even jail time. There are numerous exceptions to the rule, and many defenses that can be made. Here are six of the most […]

Wear, Carry or Transport a Handgun in Maryland

Wear, Carry or Transport a Handgun in Maryland In Maryland someone can own a handgun and have it in their home, but that’s about all (with limited exceptions). It is generally a crime to “wear, carry, or transport” a handgun outside of the home or in a vehicle. Some obvious exceptions to this is if […]