Do I have to go to Court if I received a Citation for Possession of Marijuana in Maryland?

When police in Maryland encounter a person they suspect is in possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana they will almost always issue a citation provided that there is no other crime that has allegedly been committed.  These citations are usually yellow slips of paper with some possibly illegible handwriting on it that should state what the charge is and maximum penalty for the offense.  Sometimes there is a court date noted but most of the time there is no indication from the citation of any time to appear in court.

Do I have to go to court for this citation?
Yes, absolutely, you must appear in court to address this citation. Even though the officer did not arrest you, you are still compelled to appear when summoned to court. This is not a ticket that you can just send in a payment for and not show up for court. Failure to appear will result in a bench warrant.

I haven’t received a court date yet. Are you sure I have to go to court?

Yes, you have to go to court. You will receive a notice in the mail of your court date if you did not receive it along with the citation. It should be sent to you in the mail by the court to the address on the citation. You may also keep an eye on Maryland Judiciary Case Search–once your case is placed in the system you can see the court date on that website.

When will I receive a court date?
Depends on the county. It may take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months before your case is set for court.

Did you receive a citation for possession of marijuana? Feel free to contact Attorney Chris Peretti at 301-875-3472 for a free consultation. It is important to speak with a lawyer who handles these types of offenses, knows how this system works, and can fight to get you the best result out of your case. I can explain to you the process and put you in the best position to avoid jail time, minimize costs, and keep this kind of charge off your criminal record if possible.

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