What factors determine what will happen to my Possession of Less than 10 Grams Citation in Maryland? How can I get the best result?

What is the expected result for someone who has received a citation for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams in Maryland? Rarely does someone get the maximum penalty for this type of offense, but the result depends on a number of factors.

1. Having an Attorney v. Representing Yourself
No doubt about it, having an attorney is a factor as to the outcome of a case like this. An experienced attorney can work a case that otherwise would be jail time to probation, from a conviction to a probation before judgment, or from a plea to a dismissal, acquittal, or diversion outcome.

2. County/Jurisdiction
Some areas of Maryland, namely the urban counties around DC and Baltimore, have a more forgiving and lenient attitude towards personal marijuana possession. In these areas you may be more likely to avoid jail time especially compared to counties in the northwest or eastern shore of Maryland.

3. Steps to Address the Situation
Whether it be a drug class, drug treatment, or community service–having taken some steps to better yourself or your community or address any issues that you may have will go a long way towards getting a better result in the case.

4. Background
Is this a first offense? If so, there’s a much better chance of avoiding the most serious repercussions for this citation. If someone has multiple offenses, then there is a definite chance of going to jail for some time. Someone with a job, strong community participation, etc. is also going to be in a better position to avoid jail time.

It is difficult to say exactly what will happen to someone accused of a possession of marijuana without getting a complete understanding of the situation, including the facts of the case, the location of the case and the background of the individual who is accused. Feel free to contact Attorney Chris Peretti at 301-875-3472 for a free consultation. It is important to speak with a lawyer who handles these types of offenses, knows how this system works, and can fight to get you the best result out of your case. I can explain to you the process and put you in the best position to avoid jail time, minimize costs, and keep this kind of charge off your criminal record if possible.

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