Chris Peretti as a Guest on Lonny The Street Lawyer: Winning a Case Even Though The Client Committed the Crime

I had the pleasure recently of being a guest on Lonny The Street Lawyer. LTSL is a weekly radio program hosted by attorney Lonny Bramzon who uses the show to provide listeners a fresh view from a insider–an attorney working in the trenches–on what is happening out on the streets locally and in the courthouse.

The focus of our show was on using motions to suppress to win a case even if the client committed the crime. Lonny and I talked a bit about motions to suppress generally, with some specifics on suppressing statements and excluding physical evidence. The goal was to make the public aware that these procedures exist and how they can play out in court and to just generally realize that yes, even though someone may have “done the crime” there is still a possibility that evidence could be suppressed so as to avoid a conviction. It was an enjoyable experience and I hope to be invited back on the show again in the near future. You can catch Lonny the Street Lawyer weekly on Thursdays from 8-9PM on WLVS online at

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