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Chris Peretti as a Guest on Lonny The Street Lawyer: Winning a Case Even Though The Client Committed the Crime

I had the pleasure recently of being a guest on Lonny The Street Lawyer. LTSL is a weekly radio program hosted by attorney Lonny Bramzon who uses the show to provide listeners a fresh view from a insider–an attorney working in the trenches–on what is happening out on the streets locally and in the courthouse. […]

Do the Police Have to Read Someone Their “Miranda Rights” Before an Arrest?

Here is a general set of facts similar to a type of arrest is seen all too frequently in Maryland: The police pull someone over for some kind of traffic stop–speeding, rolling a stop sign, having expired registration tags, etc. The officer comes into contact with the driver, states that he smells marijuana, and orders […]

The State’s Remaining Evidence After Invoking the Marital Privilege in Maryland

Let’s say that the complainant (or alleged victim) in an assault case is the wife or husband of the accused. The complainant does not wish to go forward and testify against his or her spouse. The complainant goes up on the stand and invokes his or her marital privilege, thus refusing to testify against their […]

Right of Self-Defense for Assault in Maryland

Facing a charge for first degree assault, second degree assault or a related offense can be an intimidating, confusing, and stressful predicament. One may look back on the incident and feel as if he did not do anything wrong. Or one may feel that she was only protecting herself from harm. If it is a […]

Maryland’s Marital Privilege: A person can refuse to testify against his or her spouse

As a criminal defense attorney, I see a lot of defendants come through the door who have been charged with second degree assault, or worse, where the complainant (or victim) is the spouse. Often these defendants come to the office with their spouse and a common explanation–they got into a fight, things got physical, but […]

What’s the difference between First Degree Assault and Second Degree Assault in Maryland?

Assault in Maryland is defined as the offensive touching or attempted touching of another person without consent, or placing that person in immediate fear of an intentional touching against their consent. It can be even the slightest of conduct, i.e. a push or shove, and usually comes from a verbal altercation that escalates to physical […]