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Chris Peretti as a Guest on Lonny The Street Lawyer: Winning a Case Even Though The Client Committed the Crime

I had the pleasure recently of being a guest on Lonny The Street Lawyer. LTSL is a weekly radio program hosted by attorney Lonny Bramzon who uses the show to provide listeners a fresh view from a insider–an attorney working in the trenches–on what is happening out on the streets locally and in the courthouse. […]

Do the Police Have to Read Someone Their “Miranda Rights” Before an Arrest?

Here is a general set of facts similar to a type of arrest is seen all too frequently in Maryland: The police pull someone over for some kind of traffic stop–speeding, rolling a stop sign, having expired registration tags, etc. The officer comes into contact with the driver, states that he smells marijuana, and orders […]

Burglary in Maryland – What if the Intent to Commit a Theft was Formed After Breaking and Entering?

Here’s a hypothetical situation that actually comes up with some frequency. Let’s say someone “breaks” into a house or business, without permission. That person is going in there to seek shelter from the elements or for a place to sleep. At some point after breaking in, the person decides to take something. Is this a […]

The Difference Between First, Second, Third, and Fourth Degree Burglary in Maryland

The Varying Degrees of Burglary In Maryland there are four separate degrees of burglary offenses. The difference is one of severity, with first being the “worst” (most severe) and fourth being the least severe. The penalties also vary by degree. First Degree Burglary This crime in Maryland is defined as the breaking and entering of […]