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Do the Police Have to Read Someone Their “Miranda Rights” Before an Arrest?

Here is a general set of facts similar to a type of arrest is seen all too frequently in Maryland: The police pull someone over for some kind of traffic stop–speeding, rolling a stop sign, having expired registration tags, etc. The officer comes into contact with the driver, states that he smells marijuana, and orders […]

Defense to Failure to Obey an Officer in Maryland

Police officers, in any jurisdiction and in any part of the country, want people to do what they say. When an officer says something to a citizen, he wants that citizen to obey. But it is important to recognize this does not mean the citizen must do what the officer says, whatever it is. Or […]

Maryland Disorderly Conduct v. First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech

In most jurisdictions, including Maryland, there are certain illegal acts that qualify as “quality of life” crimes. You may hear of crimes called “disorderly conduct” or “disturbance of the peace.” Typically these crimes consist of creating a disturbance, causing a scene, or behaving in a certain manner that disrupts the public. However, these crimes come […]