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How does the Focus and Purpose of the Juvenile Justice System Compare to that of the Criminal Justice System in Maryland?

The juvenile justice system in Maryland covers youth under the age of 18 who are accused of acts that are criminal in nature and would be charged criminally if committed by an adult. The focus and purpose of the juvenile system, and the outcomes of cases, vary from that of the adult system. Just because […]

Do the Police Have to Read Someone Their “Miranda Rights” Before an Arrest?

Here is a general set of facts similar to a type of arrest is seen all too frequently in Maryland: The police pull someone over for some kind of traffic stop–speeding, rolling a stop sign, having expired registration tags, etc. The officer comes into contact with the driver, states that he smells marijuana, and orders […]

What consequences do I face outside of the justice system if I am convicted of a crime?

If you have been charged with a crime, a conviction could impact your life negatively in many ways. A felony conviction is more limiting than a misdemeanor conviction, but any crime on your record can be harmful. Here are a few of the ways that a conviction could haunt you long after you have completed […]

Free Speech Protection in School

Can a 5th grader blow up a school with a crayon? No, but he can draw a picture, make a bad joke, and find himself suspended from school. A federal court has supported a school’s decision to suspend the 10-year-old that drew an astronaut wishing to blow up the school. His parents sued the school […]

When Is It Illegal to Search a Student’s Locker in Maryland?

When a student is searched at school by school authorities, sometimes different search and seizure rules apply than if the child was not on school property. School officials can legally search a student’s locker if the search is justified. Maryland law (section 7-308 of the Maryland Education Article) permits reasonable searches of students based on […]

Cyberbullying and Electronic Harassment through Facebook and Twitter

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites have grown at a shocking rate, especially among youth. Students using social networking to create fake identities and profiles can lead to legal and disciplinary issues at school if those fake profiles are used to impersonate or bully others. Some examples of this behavior from the news are: […]