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What is the Potential Outcome for a Possession of Marijuana Citation Less Than 10 Grams in Maryland?

What the actual outcome will be for a Possession of Marijuana Less Than 10 Grams citation varies depending on a number of factors, but there are many potential outcomes. Some of the most common are: 1. Nolle Prosequi / Charge dropped A skillful lawyer can put your case in a position to have the charge […]

What factors determine what will happen to my Possession of Less than 10 Grams Citation in Maryland? How can I get the best result?

What is the expected result for someone who has received a citation for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams in Maryland? Rarely does someone get the maximum penalty for this type of offense, but the result depends on a number of factors. 1. Having an Attorney v. Representing Yourself No doubt about it, having […]

Is A Second Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) for Drug Possession in Maryland Possible?

Under current Maryland law, a defendant can only get one Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) for a drug-related offense. Once that defendant receives a PBJ in a drug case, they are prohibited by law from ever receiving another one for a new drug related crime. However, the Maryland legislature recently changed this law regarding the court’s […]

Maryland’s Reduced Penalty for Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana

Maryland’s governor just recently signed a new law which reduces the penalties for possession of a small amount of marijuana. The law differentiates between possession of marijuana less than 10 grams and of greater than 10 grams. This law is set to go into effect on October 1, 2012. Current Law Currently the possession of […]

How To Change Your Probation Conditions in Maryland for the Better

Honestly, no one likes to be on probation. Most people would rather be placed on probation than be in jail, sure, but no one actually likes to be on probation. Despite being ordered to be on probation for a period of time, there is always a possibility that someone can ask the court to improve […]

Upset About Your Case Result? Options After Your Maryland District Court Case is Over

So you had a case in District Court that didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. Maybe you were sentenced to serve jail time, didn’t receive a Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) as you had hoped, or simply were given supervised probation when you expected it to be unsupervised. No matter the reason for your […]