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Three Key Differences between Protective Orders and Peace Orders in Maryland

Protective and Peace orders are similar in that they both are judicial orders that can be put in place preventing an abused from further contact with a victim. How do you know if your situation involves a protective order or a peace order, and what are the differences between them? Here are the three primary […]

An Introduction to Maryland Protective and Peace Orders

Protective and Peace Orders In Maryland, a protective order or peace order is a civil order by a Judge preventing one person from abusing another person. The order typically involves the abuser staying away from the victim and/or refraining from contact with the victim. In order to grant a protective/peace order the victim must show […]

Can a Maryland Pretrial Stay Away or No Contact Order be removed?

Often times a Judge or Commissioner will issue a stay away order or a no contact order as a condition of a Defendant’s pretrial release. If the charge is theft/shoplifting, the order is usually to stay away from that location before trial. If the charge is assault the order may be to have no contact […]

What is a Pretrial Stay Away Order and No Contact Order in Maryland?

I have recently encountered a number of clients who have come to me for help with their cases where they have a pretrial “stay away order” or a “no contact order” in place. These orders are not the same as a protective order or peace order, though they accomplish the same sort of thing. A […]