Drug Offenses

Drug charges range in size and scope from the smallest possession of marijuana paraphernalia up to a major drug trafficking case. Our office handles all types of drug cases, small and large, including:

  • Possession of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamines, PCP, Ecstacy, Prescription Drugs, etc.
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Drug Distribution or Possession With Intent to Distribute
  • Drug Trafficking or Production

Drug crimes in Maryland carry a possible jail sentence. But just because you are charged with a drug crime does not mean that all hope is lost. I will take all the necessary steps and utilize all possible defenses to get the best result possible for you in your drug case. In some cases, I may be able to negotiate a drug diversion program in lieu of a trial, or arrange that a client gets a probation before judgment, keeping a guilty conviction off of a client’s criminal record. Often I am able to negotiate a deal so that the most significant charges are dropped or lowered, or so that a client avoids or limits jail time.

Just because the prosecution is accusing you of possessing or distributing drugs does not mean that your case cannot be won at trial. There are a number of defenses available in drug cases. For instance, there is always the chance that the police acted illegally in their search or seizure of the evidence and if so, I will seek to prevent that evidence from coming in at trial. Also, the prosecution needs to prove that the drugs are in fact what they say they are, and needs to show a complete chain of custody from the time the drugs were seized until they arrive at trial. I will put the prosecution through their steps and if they are unable to prove these things, I will move to dismiss the charges against my client. Further, there may be a defense that the drugs were not in a client’s possession if they were found in a house or a vehicle, or that the drugs were for the client’s personal use and not for distribution.

Suppression of Drug Evidence
Under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, everyone has a right to be free from illegal police searches and seizures. If your person, your house, or your vehicle was searched I may be able to get that evidence suppressed if the police acted improperly and without authority under the Constitution. If there was a search or arrest warrant issued, I may be able to challenge the warrant. Each situation is different and I will thoroughly investigate and research your case based on the facts. If the drugs were discovered because of an illegal search or seizure, I will move to have the drug evidence suppressed so that it cannot be used against you in court.

Drug Diversion Programs
Everyone deserves a second chance to fix a mistake, and a drug diversion program can help avoid a conviction and keep your record clean. If this is first time you’ve been charged with drug possession, I may be able to negotiate an arrangement with the prosecutor where in exchange for you successfully completing a drug education or treatment program or some community service, the charges against you will be dismissed. That way you can help improve yourself and your community, while also being able to quickly move on with your life by having your case dropped. If you have a drug possession or a paraphernalia possession charge, contact the Law Offices of Christopher L. Peretti today and I can tell you more about drug diversion programs and whether that option may be available for your case.