Handgun Crimes

Maryland Handgun Laws
In Maryland it is generally a crime to wear, carry, or transport a handgun out in the open or as a concealed weapon. This includes transporting a handgun in a vehicle. This crime is a misdemeanor and carries a minimum of thirty days and a maximum of three years incarceration. Even though it carries a minimum sentence of jail time that amount of time can be suspended by the Court. For second and subsequent offenses it carries a minimum of three years and a maximum of ten years.

Exceptions to the Law
The Maryland handgun laws have several carved out exceptions, making it legal for someone to carry a handgun in certain situations. For instance, if someone has a concealed handgun permit, or is carrying the handgun in connection with authorized law enforcement, that person would be exempted from this law.

There are certain exceptions to the transportation of a handgun. It is not illegal to transport a handgun home after purchase, or taking it to or from a repair shop. It is also legal to transport a handgun between bona fide residences or between a residence and a place of business of the handgun owner. Its also perfectly valid to transport a handgun in conjunction with a target shoot, taking it to or from a shooting range, hunting, or for military activity. For each of these exceptions the handgun must be unloaded and carried in an enclosed case or in an enclosed holster, or else the transportation is illegal.

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